Keg Policy

We do offer kegs to the public.  Due to the nature of how kegs are sold to businesses, we are establishing this keg policy to eliminate confusion while ordering for a keg.  Keg’s come in primarily two sizes; ½ Barrel which is 15.5 gallons and ¼ Barrel which is 8 gallons.  We provide both main categories of keg in many different varieties of beer.  What comes with the keg is a tap, plastic drum and ice free of charge.

  1. Keg Deposit; the distributor for kegs charges us a 30.00 refundable deposit on the keg shell.  This charge is refundable based on the return of the shell and is passed onto the customer until the shell is returned.  Once the shell is returned, the deposit is refunded.
    1. If there is a shell to trade of same volume, the deposit is waived.
  2. Quoted Internet/Call Price; The price of the keg listed is before the 30.00 deposit.  Deposit will be collected at the same time payment is collected.
  3. Payment Before Delivery; We cannot return an ordered keg to the distributor as such we must tender payment before the keg is ordered.  When the keg arrives, your payment will be used to pay for the keg to the distributor.
  4. If The Distributor Is Out Of Stock; If the distributor is out of stock of the keg you are requesting, you will be called and informed with an anticipated delivery date.  If you do not wish to continue with the order – your payment will be refunded to you.
  5. Additional Equipment; We offer additional equipment free of charge to enjoy your keg.  Please return this equipment in the same condition received.  If equipment does not return or is damaged, a replacement cost of 80.00 will be charged.
    1. Handpump Tap
    2. Plastic Drum
  6. Delivery; If your order is originating from Highland Village, TX, we are able to deliver to your home and set up the keg.  If the order is going anywhere else, we cannot offer delivery.