Delivery Information


City Wine & Spirits Can Deliver Straight to Your Door!

City Wine & Spirits can deliver straight to your door.  There are stipulations, though.  1) As per TABC, we can deliver inside Highland Village, Texas or within 2 miles of the city limits of Highland Village, Texas in an area that permits the sale and transportation of alcohol.  For simplicity, we can deliver to Highland Village, Texas and within 2 miles of Highland Village city limit into Lewisville, Copper Canyon, Lantana and Flower Mound.  2) We perform delivery services between 5:30PM and 9:00PM Thursday through Saturday.  We cannot deliver or sell after 9:00PM, so to make sure you get what you order that day - we will not accept new same day delivery orders after 8:30PM.  If your order comes in after that time, you will get your order the next business day through either Pick Up or scheduled time to deliver.  3) For those outside of the delivery area, we offer Pick Up orders. Make your order, we fill it and it waits for your arrival.  4) City Wine & Spirits is not a caterer.  This does not mean we cannot deliver to your event.  This means we cannot host  or serve your event.  Call us for a social gathering and we will be there but do not ask us to set up tables or serve the beverages you just purchased - we are not licensed for that and will cease our ability to operate.  If you would like to have an event which will serve alcohol, I can assist in answering questions as to how to get a license which can take up to something like 60 days - so ask way before the event.  5) There is not a minimum order. There is a delivery charge of $2.00 for all orders under $100.00. All orders over $100.00 can be delivered gratis as long as the order is in the delivery area. Gratis means free.  6) For all Online orders - we cannot accept payment over the internet.  Payment must be in person after age is verified.  It is illegal to accept payment for alcohol from minors - so help us out here, thanks.  The age to purchase alcohol is 21.  Thanks to new technology, we will perform credit card transactions at your door as soon as our mobile system is established - but for now it is cash only.  If an order is received from a minor - who is discovered to be a minor at the door, the delivery and transaction will be canceled.  Also, just to make there are no repeat minor created orders, the Online Account the order is made through will be deleted.  7) Delivery driver may or may not be the CEO of the company.  If the driver is not the CEO of the company, the drivers earn a wage but are not paid per delivery.  If you so decide to provide a tip - please do so in cash as our system does not process tips.  8) Delivery charge covers the cost of delivery almost to the penny.  Because of TABC regulations, all vehicles involved in a delivery service must be owned by City Wine & Spirits or an Officer of City Wine & Spirits.  Vehicles must also be registered with the State Comptroller's office and TABC.  This isn't pizza delivery where the driver shows up in their own car.  They will show up in one of our vehicles.  This is expensive - hence the delivery charge.  City Wine & Spirits does not earn much if any revenue from delivery services - this is something we provide to you to make your life easier and keep the good times rolling.  9) No one likes going to jail.  Please do not offer any drinks to the drivers.  Also, please do not drive after drinking.  Life is simpler without brass wrist guards and overnight stays provided by the County.  Let's keep it that way.


But We Do Not Ship

Due to very strict transportation laws surrounding the alcohol business, we have a very limited range of who we can serve.  We are currently exploring new and ingenious ways to ship our products to the fine folk of Texas.  But, right now - in kinda a lurch so we cannot ship INSIDE Texas.  However - this is going to make you chuckle - we CAN ship OUTSIDE of Texas.   Does that make sense to you?  Me neither.  But, thems the laws.