About Us


With a Focus On Texas, Honesty and Trust

Texas is a great state.  Anyone who disagree's either has not been here or is just confused.  Here at City Wine & Spirits, we believe that Texas should be highlighted for all the great acheivments in distilling - brewing - and winemaking.  So we focus on Texas.  We will showcase The Best that Texas Has to Offer.  Just because we are proud of Texas, doesn't mean that everything we offer comes from Texas.  We also carry excellent selections of Beer, Wine and Spirits from all over the globe.  I can say, with a certain amount of pride, that we carry a wide selection of single malt scotch.  Now, that is nothing to snuff at.

But, what is product without integrity.  We believe that in order to best serve our customers, we have to maintain a foundation of Honesty.  Honesty builds Trust.  We at City Wine & Spirits would love the opportunity to earn your Trust.  Kinda threw you off there a bit, huh?  Most businesses ask for an opportunity to earn your business.  Whereas money is fine - and it is what keeps us in business - it is not everything.  Nor is it the first thing we focus on.  Or even the second thing.  Maybe the fourth or fifth.  Trust comes before money, Trust comes before earning your business.  If our customers do not Trust us to be Honest and Fair, money is a non-issue because we won't have any to worry about.  So, yes, we would love the opportunity to earn your Trust.